"Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world," – John 1:29

Our three main expressions

MLC-PNG is a vibrant and growing church and would like to work cooperatively with the other two sister Lutheran Churches in Papua New Guinea.  The visit of the LWF President (Bishop Dr Kristian Krause) to MLCPNG in 2002 was significant as he recognized the local church and encouraged the three churches to collaborate, cooperate and work in partnership to spread the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We anticipate that over the next decades the church will grow on the basis of faith in the Lord.  The rationale behind the establishment of the Melpa Lutheran Church is firstly based on the knowledge that human enlightenment and integral human development comes from a healthy spiritual foundation. 

 (1) spiritual development;

(2) social developmentand

(3) maintenance of public order and harmonious human relationship and healthy living

MLC-PNG needs to grow into ecumenical openness, togetherness and relationships with other sister Lutheran churches in PNG and abroad as the Spirit of Christ is meant for everyone to share.

The Melpa Lutheran Church was officially registered and launched on the 9th January 2000 as a third Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea.Over 65 pastors, 207 evangelists, 504 male elders, 600 female elders, and over 24,000 followers witnessed the ceremony. The Church has its own Head Bishop, Church executives, 3 Ecclesia (District) Pastors, and 7 Circuits (with their presidents).

Ecclesia centers were identified for the establishment of respective offices. The MLC is a homegrown church. It believes in self-sustainability and is based on a strong believe that giving is better than receiving. The premise of our belief in MLC is the strengthening of the family. The Lord must be invited into the lives of the family. The husband and wife must provide space in their lives for Jesus. The family is the foundation of all organizations, including villages, congregations, circuits, ecclesia, and the Church.

The other two Lutheran Churches in Papua New Guinea must be recognized as sister Churches. All these churches are based on a single doctrine. The philosophy is the same for all Lutheran Churches throughout the world. After all the rejections, difficulties, denials and embarrassments, Melpa Lutheran Church has finally come to Christ to have eternal peace and rest. Christian members firmly believe that this church was constituted on a solid foundation because of the many sufferings prior to its establishment.

This is a unique church because of its origin as a local Lutheran Church. The church aims to expand and be vibrant in its ministry in Papua New Guinea and abroad. The Church has over thirty thousand registered members throughout Papua New Guinea. MLC-PNG aims to operate alongside the Gutnius Lutheran Church and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea to uphold the creeds, faith and doctrines of the Lutheran family.

The church now has over thirty thousand members and nearly one hundred pastors and other church workers.