"Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world," – John 1:29


 The rationale behind the establishment of the Melpa Lutheran Church is firstly based on the knowledge that human enlightenment and integral human development comes from a healthy spiritual foundation.  We have decided to use God as our foundation. Hence, our ideological structure is as follows.





[Holy Matrimony]







[Small Congregation with pastor]



 [Large congregation with pastor]



[Made up of several congregations]


ECCLESIA [District]

[Made up of a number of circuits]



[Made up of several Ecclesias]

 Melpa Lutheran Church’s ideological structure is different from other similar organizations.  We have decided to put the family first because that is precisely what Jesus did.  He came in the midst of a budding family.  Joseph and Mary were not yet married.  Yet, God decided that Jesus was to be the uniting factor.  Thus, we now celebrate holy matrimony as a holy union.  The foundation of our church, therefore, is the family unit.


Naturally, it draws its strength from God, from whence the family originates. We are convinced that there can be no church without the family.  The classic example, of course, is Christ himself.  He has decided to build his church within the family unit.  It is important to note that the Church, State and society rely on solid families.  Christ himself came into the world and began his life within the family.  He was not born in a big city or town but was born in an insignificant little town of Bethlehem.  Christ expects us to start small and this is one of the major reasons for MLC to put great emphasis on the family unit.


 Our approach to integral human development is also different to most other organizations.  We recognize that top-down approaches often fail because of lack of knowledge about local idiosyncrasies. We therefore propose a bottom-up approach (as indicated above). Government agencies, partnership churches and donor organizations who seek local knowledge would be pleased to know that MLC-PNG emphasizes local input in developmental programs.  The MLC-PNG also emphasizes self-help approaches in all its programs.


Why is the family important?  What can be done to strengthen the family?  How do we empower the family unit?  These are difficult questions to answer but the answers lie in prayer, vigilant, and self-reliant.  The Melpa Lutheran Church heartens its members to contribute meaningfully by means of personal offerings and contributions.  Members are expected to make life sacrifices for its growth and expansions.  It is apparent that many members seem to have a sense of personal commitment to ensure that the church progresses in a significant way.


 The Melpa Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea shall:

  • vigorously uphold the creeds, faith and doctrines of Lutherans in the World.

  • not glorify her name but shall exalt and praise only the Name of Christ Jesus (John 17:4).

  • not seek for worldly pleasures but wants to be holy as Christ.

  • not expect to receive but to kindly give to others who are in need (Mark 10:45).

  • have a desire to assist others and not to wait or expect others to help her.

  • labor to produce a lot of fruits (John 12:24).

  • strive to grow in wisdom and faith.

  • not flee if God wants to correct her for her wrong doings.

  • labor hard to bear the burdens and go through the hardships of others together.

  • aim to operate hand in hand with the other two sister Lutheran Churches in the spreading of Good News, evangelism, baptism, Eucharist and other programs in Papua New Guinea. 


Members of Kontkona Lutheran Church – a congegration under MLC-PNG got ready for a Sunday Service in Mount Hagen, W.H.P, PNG. Pic. by David Ketepa