"Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world," – John 1:29


Statements of Belief

 We, the members of Melpa Lutheran Church declare that:

  • we belong to the Triune God.  We were bought with the lifeblood of Christ.

  • God had mercy on us and gave His only son Jesus to die for our sins.  His death and resurrection has redeemed us from all our transgressions and power of death.

  • we are very thankful to our Triune God for all He has done.

  • Christ has brought us back from Satan, sin and death (hell).

  • Christ is the Head of our Church.

  • only Christ will lead us to eternal life.

  • Christ is Lord and source of our lives now and always.

  • Christ will return and take us with Him to his Father in heaven.

  • the Triune God is our God and for the next generations to come.

 Therefore we are praying that Lord;

  • come and bring us to heaven, for you are the path.

  • come and strengthen us with your word of truth, for you are the truth.

  • come and give us eternal life, for you are the way and the life.

Praise is to the name of the Triune God, He was Holy, He is Holy and shall always be Holy.  Glory and honor and power are His.  As it was in the beginning, is now and shall be forever. Amen.