"Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world," – John 1:29


The current mission of Melpa Lutheran Church is to promote its activities and functions. MLC-PNG is in fact conducting an awareness program for door-to-door ministry.  The Melpa Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea has specific plans to target their Christian members in all parts of Papua New Guinea.  Below are some of the major programs for MLC-PNG.

1. Door to door ministry

2. Conduct regular family devotions

3. Establish Bible Schools especially for the Youth

4. Conduct regular Sunday school classes

5. Conduct regular Religious Instruction classes in educational institutions

6. Establish Youth programs in all congregations and quhals

7. Conduct regular Bible Study and Communion programs

8. Administer Women’s Ministry and programs

9. Send out evangelists and pastors to other remote areas

10. Establish Theological Training Institutes

11. Establish Lutheran Peace Services

12. Establish Stewardship programs

13. Conduct refresher courses for pastors, evangelists, church elders and officers

14. Establish and conduct Counseling Services

15. Establish and conduct rehabilitation programs for prisoners

16. Built permanent chapels, pastors and other church workers houses

17. Establish Pension Funds for church workers

18. Establish more pre-schools, community, primary and high schools

19. Conduct seminars, workshops in all departments and ministries

20. Encourage members to generously give tithes and offerings for church work

21. Establish Ecclesias similar to Districts

22. Convene Church Conventions (Synod) every second year

23. Establish firm networks to work as genuine partners with Gutnius Lutheran Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church and Overseas churches

24. Allow every congregation, circuits and Ecclesia to convene their own conferences every year

25. Vigorously defend the true teachings of the Bible by rejecting all false teachings

26.  Melpa Lutheran Church will use both the Old and New Testament in her teachings and uphold the faith and doctrines of Lutherans in the world today

We are also speaking to people in various governments and non-governmental organizations, including the students and staff of the University of Papua New Guinea, members of MLC-PNG in Port Moresby, and state officials towards establishing a church for Melpa members. We will travel to other cities and towns of PNG, such as Lae, Wewak and the mining areas such as Tabubil, Kiunga and Porgera in the near future.