"Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world," – John 1:29


Partnership with Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG (ELC-PNG)

Melpa Lutheran Church recognizes that ELC-PNG is like a sister church regardless of the past differences and experiences.  MLC-PNG would like to work alongside ELC-PNG in order to achieve the major objectives in the ministry of Christ and the provision of fundamental services in Papua New Guinea.  The following are major areas that MLC-PNG would like to work in partnership with ELC-PNG.

  1. Provision of Ministerial Services

  2. Provide scholarship for high school and tertiary students

  3. Provision of Education Services

  4. Provision of Medical Services

  5. Become a trustee to properties and businesses owned by ELC-PNG

  6. Provision of Church Workers’ Pension Funds

  7. Engage in Lutheran Development Services

  8. ELC-PNG to subsidize MLC-PNG in the early years of growth and development

  9. MLC-PNG and ELC-PNG Bishops to work alongside each other.

 In order to build a cordial relationship in partnership programs, it is suggested that:

  1. ELC-PNG could consider reimbursing all entitlements owed to MLC-PNG church workers for the last seventeen years (1985-2002).

  2. ELC-PNG to give 15-20% shares to MLC-PNG from its business arms such as the Lutheran Shipping, Kambang Holdings and others as they are all beneficiaries.

  3. ELC-PNG could consider to officially hand over all land, properties and educational, health and theological training institutions established within the geographic boundaries which are currently administered by MLC-PNG.


Pastor James Uki and his wife Sandy (above) at a Sunday Service in Mount Hagen, WHP, PNG



 The following are major areas that MLC-PNG would like to work in partnership with ELC-PNG and GLC-PNG.

  1. Meet to discuss operations of the three Lutheran Churches in PNG

  2. Meet in times of crises such as earthquakes and other natural disasters

  3. Meet to discuss mission work from PNG to countries abroad

  4. Co-fund to establish Universities and Theological Training Institutes in PNG

  5. To come together to express our concern with the government in times of crises

  6. Combine to establish major Lutheran projects in PNG

  7. To assist refugees in Papua New Guinea

  8. Discuss major problems faced by church run institutions in PNG

  9. Discuss country and regional issues such as pollution and rise in sea levels


 Melpa Lutheran Church strongly believes that overseas Lutheran Partners could only assist in major projects that the three churches are unable to fund.  The Church believes that the three churches have all the resources to become fully independent for its development and growth.  However, other overseas partners can assist in terms of health and education resources including personnel.  MLC has invaluable experiences to work on her own in the preaching of the Good News, administration and provision of basic services.

 The following are major areas that MLC-PNG would like to work in partnership with Overseas Lutheran Churches.

  1. To provide scholarship for students and refugees to study abroad

  2. To provide scholarship for church workers to study overseas

  3. Seek co-funding for some major church projects

  4. Involve to send missionaries out of PNG to other countries

  5. Involve to take in missionaries from abroad to PNG

  6. Establish effective communication network in order to keep in touch with current events and contemporary issues affecting mission work around the world

  7. Contribute meaningfully by becoming a member of the Lutheran World Federation.


 To promote peace and healthy relationships it is necessary to have MLC-PNG become an LWF member church. MLC-PNG had applied for LWF membership.  However, according to the LWF constitution and by-laws, membership is only possible in consultation and by agreement with other local LWF member churches. 

Therefore, MLC-PNG believes that ELC-PNG or the Gutnius Lutheran Church will support MLC-PNG to become an LWF member church.  We strongly believe that in the near future, our membership to the Lutheran World Federation will be considered positively because a church needs to grow into ecumenical openness, togetherness and relationships as the Spirit of Christ is meant for everyone to share.