"Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world," – John 1:29

Traditional to Christian‏

Bishop Sanangke Dole (right) was present during Mr. Ull’s baptism

He is well known in the Western Highlands Province, because he was the only elderly man who went around the Highlands city and other corners of the province, in full Melpa traditional attire. The only Western clothes he wore was a coat, and an umbrella.

 He is magistrate Popuna Ull from the Kukilka Lguika tribe in the Hagen central district. The Melpa Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea finally stripped the traditional attire off his body and beautified him with clothes. The magistrate was baptised Abraham Popuna Ull after less than 75 years.

The father of 20 children and grandfather to many has changed his life and given himself to God. He was baptised by the Melpa Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea at his Kelua number two village last Sunday. He was popularly known as “Kukilka Popuna”. He is now a changed man. He said he has finally made a complete change to his life and he is now with the living God.

“I gave my life to the living God because I have very limited time in my life in the future. “I have enjoyed myself for the last less than 70 years and now I want to be with God until I die or the world ends,” Mr Ull told this reporter. He appealed to some of his same age-group mates who are still around to attach themselves to a church and change their lives by giving their lives to Jesus and seeking the kingdom of God.

His baptism was witnessed by the people and all the village leaders from the area and surrounding areas. Also at the ceremony were Bishop Saninke Doli of Melpa Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea, other pastors and church elders. Bishop Doli thanked God for changing such a leader into his own way.

He said it was not the people of the Melpa Lutheran Church that changed the leader but God did. Two men and a woman alongside Abraham Popuna Ull were also baptized on Sunday.