"Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world," – John 1:29

God fearing leaders needed

By David Muri

Two prominent Western Highlanders who have spent most of their lives in politics have admitted they now realise that there is no other way to bail PNG out of the current doldrums than to find a God fearing leader after the New Year. They said the nation’s rescue mission and its destiny towards prosperity lies with the churches that Jesus had built more than 2000 years ago. 

President of the National Party David Yak and Pate Wamp, former president of Pangu Pati made similar remarks that PNG’s survival as a sovereign nation depends on the grace of God. They said churches were the only hope for a better future. He also said that PNG will continue to be devoured by pervasive corruption, violent crimes, HIV/AIDS epidemic and other social problems if Christians do not intervene.

The two men, both born-again Lutherans were speaking at the first national convention and official launching of Melpa Lutheran Students and Graduates Association (MLSGA) at Kontkona near Mt Hagen on Tuesday. “PNG will always be on the top of poverty , corruption and criminal activities if the churches do not play our part to minimise it.

Only Christians will change PNG tomorrow,” he said. And for that to happen: “We need a leader who is next to Jesus Christ to bail this country out,” Yak said. Mr Wamp also shared similar sentiments saying churches were the only answer to PNG from collapsing.

Wamp, who has been in the government for more than 20 years during his tenure as Pangu president, revealed that the country’s disciplined forces were incapable of containing escalating crimes and corruption. “It’s not the army, nor the police and the warders who will fight the country’s problems.”

They miserably failed in Bougainville, they failed to contain widespread law and order problems and they failed to contain corruption. Our only hope is the church,” Wamp said. They urged the members of MLSGA to take ownership of their new association, adding they must become “slaves and not masters” to drive their vision to another level.

The Melpa Lutheran Church is a breakaway sect from the mother church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG and has its headquarter in Mt Hagen. The 10-year-old splinter church was granted autonomy status by the Lutheran headquarters in Germany recently.