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Bishop Sanangke Dole to meet Rev. Jan Peter Hanstein of Germany

Rev. Jan Peter Hanstein

Rev. Jan Peter Hanstein (above) will meet Bishop Sanangke Dole in September 2009

The Dekanat Kitzingen in Germany has maintained a good and steady partnership for almost 20 years  with the Lutheran  Church College in Banz(BLCC), Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea. 

A six men delegation visited the Lutheran Church College, Banz in 2003.  BLCC have requested the friends in Bavaria, Germany to visit them again.  A delegation of four people indluding Rev. Jan Peter Hanstein and his wife Tilla and two others will will visit Banz on September 2nd – 28th, 2009. 

Rev. Jan Peter Hanstein has been in office for 1.5 years, the partnership lives just through many contacts newly on – as they prepared different projects and so a visit in September 2009 of decisive importance would be in order to consolidate the partnership and persons out of our Dekanat the possibility for personal knowing and learn to give to our sisters and brothers in Papua New Guinea.

While in Papua New Guinea, Rev. Jan Peter Hanstein will hold discussions with the bishop of the Melpa Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea, Rev. Sanangke Dole on Friday, 11th September, 2009. The members of Melpa Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea (MLC-PNG) and the bishop are happy to meet Rev. Jan Peter Hanstein, his wife Tilla, and two others.