"Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world," – John 1:29


Melpa women’s group ready to aid progress


Women from Melpa Lutheran Church in the Western Highlands Province have launched a new association to work together with the government and other agencies. During the launch of the new association at Dobel outside of Mt Hagen city, president Bepi Wantepe said the society of the Melpa women had been fulfilled through prayers.


 Mrs Wantepe said the Melpa Lutheran Church women had launched the association because they were willing to work alongside non-government organisations, health, education and other churches to develop their community and the country.



Tampering girls from Melpa Lutheran Church (left) listen attentively to speeches at the launching of the new association at Dobel, near Mt Hagen yesterdayPicture by Mal Taime.


Mrs. Wantepe said the association had a total of 17,000 members, including young girls from aged 12 and upward. She said in health they would help the communities on family planning, nutrition, formal and informal education. She also said that the women would work together to look after their families and the surroundings where they lived. 


Mrs. Wantepe said they would also work closely with the government departments such as health to conduct awareness on HIV/Aids and other diseases and network with other women in the province and the country.


She said they would also look after small children from Melpa Lutheran Church to help train them in the work of the church and at the same time learn more about God’s word. She urged the women that they must not forget that they had the responsibility to help their communities.