"Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world," – John 1:29

Continue on your journey


The truth will make you freeJohn 8:32
Solomon runs five miles a day. Some days he looks forward to the run, some days he doesn’t – but he always runs everyday. His presistence in training has given him strong legs, a lean body, and a healthy heart.
Johnah and Lillian have been married 51 years – that’s 18,615 days – and not all of them good but they’ve stayed together, committed and devoted. Their tenacity has given them a lifetime of shared memories, children who have learned and loved by their example, and joy in knowing they’ve worked hard to fulfill the vows they made to each other on an August day long ago.

Maua has worked on the same piece of land his whole life. He has come to know every inch of soil, every hill and meadow, every tree. He has seen how that farm responds to the changing seasons, the weather, the planting and harvesting. He treats the land well. His harvests are usually plentiful. It’s a dance he and that particular piece of earth have perfected over time.

The key is often found in presistence. The years teach us that some of the greatest treasures can only be found if we completely give ourselves in time and energy to a pursuit or vow. IN the same way, Jesus tells us that the key to faith is to continue in God’s word. When we continue in God’s word, we are truly disciples, we will know the truth, we will be free.
What does this mean? It’s not about enternal life – that is God’s alone to give. Rather, it’s about experiencing the fullness of grace in this life. Continue pursuing God even when you feel most tired.
Continue seeking nourishment in the Word, especially when you are feeling spiritually starved. Continue being open to God’s voice, even when other voices are tempting. Continue following God as the years unfold. Continue. It’s worth the trip.